Green roads of Girona

Vías Verdes de Girona
Vías Verdes de Girona
Green roads of Girona

The geographic configuration of the territories that engloban the marks «Costa Brava» and «Pyrenees of Girona» as well as his diversity paisajística do of this zone an ideal space for the practice of the cycling and of the hiking.

As it is known, these activities go always associated to the respect to the nature, the landscape and the architectural heritage, reason by which are cataloged like sustainable activities.

Taking advantage of the adecuación of some spaces –the roads of the train– that in the past had been vital for the good communication and the relation between our villages, the practice of the hiking and of the cicloturismo offers to those who wish it the opportunity to enjoy of rincones unknown that form part of our cultural and historical wealth and, at the same time, do it to a rhythm that will allow them saborear the smallest details, imperceptible for the motorised traffic.

The recovery and adaptation of the three green roads that houses the province of Girona makes possible to arrive, on foot or in bicycle, from the deep Pyrenees gerundense until the warm and luminous Costa Brava, enjoying to each step, to each hit of pedal, of the diversity of landscapes, products and people with which go us finding along the way.

They are 106 kilometres that visit and cross five of the eight regions of the province –Baix Empordà, Gironès, Selva, Garrotxa and Ripollès– and that divide in four stretches:

1. Route of the Carrilet Olot-Girona
2. Route of the Carrilet Sant Feliu of Guíxols-Girona
3. Route of the Iron and of the Coal
4. Ripoll-Sant Joan of them Abadesses-Ogassa

The green roads are of exclusive circulation for pedestrians and cyclists. With slopes very soft (inferior, generally, to 3%), these routes are accessible, except in the stretches of distinguished link in the ficha technical, for people of mobility reduced. It treats of roads very safe, as the circulation of motorised vehicles is totally forbidden in the practical whole of his route.

Almost all they reutilizan ancient traced rail that connected different municipalities of the province and that finished disappearing owing to his scarce rentabilidad and of the fast development of the transport by road.