Natural park of the Desert of them Palmes

Parque Natural del Desert de les Palmes
Parque Natural del Desert de les Palmes
Natural park of the Desert of them Palmes

The Natural Park of the Desert of them Palmes is situated in the province of Castellón and occupies part of five municipal terms: Benicassim, Cabanes, The Pobla Tornesa, Borriol and Castelló of the Flat.

It is enclavado in a serranía coastal of the region of the Flat Alta, parallel to the coast, with abundant crests and roquedos.

His geographic location, turns it into a special place where the inhabitants of the different municipalities come daily to enjoy of the historical wealths, natural and paisajísticas that invite to observe, walk and listen all the values that this natural space hides.

By all this, in the year 1989 went in to form part of the network of natural spaces of the Valencian Community. The surface protected occupies a total of 3.200 has., achieving his maximum height in the beak of the Bartolo with 729 m.

His environmental vulnerability is visible because of the last fires occurred in the years 1985 and 1992, that have left with this a sample of forest and thicket in process of regeneration. In the actuality can appreciate a good recovery of the vegetal cover.

Can arrive to the Centre of Information, of the Natural Place of the Desert of them Palmes (in the km 8 of the CV-147), from several points:

In the road N-340, in direction to Barcelona, once past Castellón and before achieving the location of Benicàssim, takes the road CV-147 that passes by the P.N Desert Of them Palmes and goes through the Hermitage of Magdalena.

From the highway AP-7,accesses through the exit 46 (Castellón North-Benicàssim), and continuous in direction Benicàssim.

From Benicàssim, can access to the place by the another side of the same road (CV-147) that goes out from the village.

Also it accesses to the Natural Place from Borriol, The Pobla Tornesa or Cabanes by the road CV-10 that links with the road CV-148 to the height of Cabanes, in this case the road is a rural way and although it is asphalted is very narrow.