Activities in the Delta of the Ebro

Actividades en el Delta del Ebro
Vista Delta Ebro
Dress Delta Ebro

In this article go you to describe the most emblematic points of the Natural Park of the Delta of the Ebro, so that you can lose by you one of the most curious places of the Catalan geography:

  1. Observation of birds.
  2. Gastronomy.
  3. Cycling – Cicloturismo.
  4. Visiting the delta in Kayak.
  5. Walks in ship to the mouth of the Ebro.
  6. Illa Of Buda and Faro of the Fangar.
  7. Beach of the Trabucador and Tip of the Banya.
  8. And In the surroundings.

The Delta of the Ebro was declared Natural Park in 1983 and expanded in 1986. It is the humid zone bigger of Catalonia and one of the most important of the Iberian peninsula beside the national park of Doñana in the south of Spain.

In any period of the year in which you visit the Delta of the Ebro will find a distinct landscape. The crops of rice go through his different phases endowing to the park of a different environment according to the station. The show is sublime when the rice is already grown and the wind moves softly the paddies causing the effect of waves of sea of green colour that visit the extensive fields; a wonder for the sight and the senses.

If you are lover of the observation of birds, this place no can it to you lose since in him have identified more than 350 different species. Of special importance is the colony of Flemish in the Delta of the Ebro; in 2020 they arrived to contabilizaron more than 4.000 couples of Flemish in an only colony that months later increased in more than 3.000 chicks. This colony is easy to observe from the distinct observatories that find situated along the road. Only you need some binoculars and to enjoy of the show.

But no only the observation of birds is the only inducement of the Delta of the Ebro: gastronomy, sports, tourism, beaches… an infinity of activities that convert this rincón of Catalonia in a place that can not you lose.