National park of Bunaken

Parque Nacional de Bunaken
Parque Nacional de Bunaken
Bunaken – Photographic gallery

The distances are not very long, and with the ship of diving can go from any Centre of Diving to the places  where realise the immersions, that are a lot of.

The National Park of Bunaken this situated north of Sulawesi (Indonesia). The city of Manado is the starting point to discover his surprising coral reefs. This located to some 7 miles of the port of Manado. The islands that conform the Park, between others, the most stood out are: “Manado Tua” (Volcano of Manado), “Palau Silaben”, “Palau Bunaken”, “Palau Mantehage”, i the islands of “Gangka”, more north.

To travel to Sulawesi North the best is to fly with Singapore Airlines, until Singapore, and afterwards link with an inner flight to Manado.

Once there we opt for going to the Centre of Diving Thalasa,  whose information can find in his Web: This situated inside the dependencies of the Hotel Santita, to some 18 km. Of Manado. It is important to know that each tourist complex has a centre of diving.

Another option is to go to a” homestay”, like a species of pension, and on the other hand go to a centre of diving to do only the immersions.

The installation of of Thalassa, correspond to a centre of diving PADI of  5 stars, and so much the teams for hire, like the instructors or guides, as well as the staff, and the direction, conform a magnifico team, always had has to do you the life but pleasant and help you in any problem, following the spirit of his founder Simone.

In the North of Sulawesi exists an association of centres of diving that facilitate us the things in the case of problems, and is important to go to one of his centres associated to do the immersions, ensuring us a quality and necessary security for bucea with tranquility.

In the same Manado this the “Hospital Malalayang Rumanh Sakit” (Darurat), where have a Camera Hiperbática of decompression, and a team medico very competent. It is well know this information, although only it was by security.

From the Dive Center  Thalassa Manado did the following immersions:

From Manado:

– Engine Point.
– Machikto Point
– Black Rock
– Tiwoho Point

In the Island of Palau Bunaken:

– Fukui
– Lekuan I

In the Island of Mantenhague:

– Barracuda Point

In the Island of Manado Tua:

– Tanjung Kopi

In  the Island of Bangka (these islands are the ones of more north, spectacular biodiversidad, but with some currents tremendas):

– Batu Gosok
– Sahaung Point

The depths oscillated between the 20m. And 27 metres, with a minimum time of 33 minutes in depth, to a maximum of 61 minutes in total. The true is that here apuran a lot the time in the water. In fact you go in with 200 bars, and until they do not remain you 20 bars do not do you go up, when in Catalonia with 50 bars, already touches to go up to surface. The 20 bars are sufficient to do the stops of decompression and inflar the waistcoat, once in surface, now well, if it does not arise any another problem.

Usually you do two immersions by day, i the team of the centre of diving organises it to you everything. The prices can consult in his Web.

The waters of the National Park of Bunaken are  very deep,  1566 m. Of depth in the bay of Manado, with an excellent visibility, of 35 to 40m.,  with a very pleasant temperature of 27 to 20 degrees, and one of the places of the world with the but high levels of biodiversidad. That is to say it has it everything, to be able to enjoy of the scuba diving.

Around half hour, from Manado, arrive to Bunaken, the island that is a true paradise for the lovers of diving and of the snorkelers. The coral reef in front of Bunaken is particularly beautiful. The fall of the walls no only are the but rare of the world, but the but spectacular, with caves, ravines and cavernas that house an enormous marine wealth.

The main part of the region consists in the beach of the forests of mangroves, and of white sand, and the coral reefs, walls of rock escarpada with multiple forms and colours of the natural sea. Around them the marine life is an explosion, with all type of fishes, bandadas of small fishes of one thousand colours, indescriptible.

All type of fishes: fish Mandarín, fish Napoleon, Lines, fish Leon, fish Rock, Barracudas, Escorporas, fish Stone, Pipe, , fishes Parrot, Doncellas, fishes Cofre, fishes Ángel, fishes Butterfly, Blue Lips, anyway, giant turtles, and tambien sharks, that did not see, and dolphins, that if we saw from the ship…, and all type of different life, like the Nudibranquios of one thousand colours, stars of sea of all the colours and forms, immense Sponges, size plant giant, all type of colares hard, soft and semiduros, of demanding colours, strong, intense, full of pescaditos in his interior, feeding of them, Langostas, Anemones, Ascidianos, …..Anyway, a biodiversidad without limit, and your there simulating be a fish felizmente expectante, stunned, between so much beauty.

From Thalassa, going through Manado, move us with ship publish of the port of Manado to Siladen. The first intention was to go to Palau Bunaken, but seemed too tourist and opt by the small island of Silaben, that this surrounded of white beach, can give the turn in an hour, walking, afterwards have the beach, the start of the reef, and the wall that precipitates the abyss. In the island only live 260 people, and only there are two tourist complexes of Diving, too expensive, and two homestay very simple. Little that choose. We were in the hosmetay of some lugareños called MARTA'S, perhaps too simple, but with some seen impagables of Manado Tua, and the put of sun. The  cabins are situated just in the beach, under some immense trees, with big leaves, that you arropan with his shadow.

The tide goes up and drop, the best to do snorkel is to the 8h. Of the morning.

The immersions did them with the centre of Diving of the Hotel Siladen Spa. Of this centre it is necessary to say that this directed by Mario, a master diver, Argentinian, that facilitates us the things when speaking our same tongue, the rest of the team is very professional, standing out the instructor PARMA, with which did the course Advanced of PADI.

Here the immersions also were fantastic.

In the Island of Palau Bunaken:

– Lekuan I
– Lekuan III
– Mandolin Point

In the Island of Siladen:

– Silaben Selatan
– Silaben Timur

In the Island of Manado Tua:

– Tanjung Kopi
– Manado Tuo Buolo

The depths oscillated between the 20m. And 37 metres, with a minimum time of 33 minutes in depth, to a màximo of 60 minutes in total.

When being an Island in the middle of the Park, the immersions were more sustanciosas, or at least that was ours impression. We did a nocturnal immersion, spectacular, especially because we saw the gardens of gorgóneas of the hard corals, that only go out of night, and of day can not see.

The mountains of the bottom of sea are so sublime like the mountains of our lovely planet in the surface, with the difference that you change your half of existence, by another in which you fly to the speed of the calm, suspended in the abyss of the blue intense of a sea embriagador.

Now three recommendations:

– Always do the course PADI, form is indispensable.
– Always go with the guide of the zone, and never despistarse of the group.
– Always, stop, think and act, according to the norms Padi, and my wanted instructor Oliver, of