Bali - Indonesia
Bali – Photographic gallery

With black beaches larguísimas and esplendidas put of sun, and a green vegetation and exuberante that arrives until asks of beach.

The pleasures of Bali are unquestionably Asian, exquisite food,  massages   to die, landscapes and beaches of dream, art by doquier, shopping, native amabilísimos, hotels esplendidos, and everything to some very affordable prices, and especially rest. Bali Is an island in where what more apetece is to throw to see the mar.

The city for the tourists in UBUB. This ancient city is charming for the visitor, there is an environment hippy European very pleasant, and so much the own city like the temples of the surroundings are worthy to devote them a few days.

In this city one feels very comfortable,  and calm, is a safe city and where apetece stroll, enjoy of the food, the venues occidentalizados, the music, the shops, i know his people.

We lodge us in the hotel NIRVANA, , where his owner does honour to the name of the Hotel.


Full beaches of ships pesqueros, that is the main activity of the oriental zone of Bali, remembers us that Bali is a very tourist island in the south, places like Sanur  or Kuta are places seemed  to the most tourist beach of any  zone of seaboard of the peninsula. As it said, it remembers us that in the island of Bali there are zones at all tourist and of an authenticity and characteristic beauty of Indonesia.

Bucear In the coast of AMED has his charm, but has some important lacks, as for example, when being the black sand, the visibility remains very reduced, in the beaches neither there is a lot of choral of the that enjoy because they are beaches practically of sand, where the coral does not exist. The native do efforts for filling his beaches of small pieces of ships sunk, or amasijos of irons, or conglomerates of cement or bottles, or even appear sunk, so that the coral and the life grow in his beaches.

We were lodged in the Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa-Resort, , that has of a centre PADI, very instrumented and with good professional.

From the Hotel go out from the same beach, or with a launch to realise some immersions, no too spectacular, but if good like taking of contact with the diving.

In this zone there are not currents and the water has a pleasant temperature.

We realise different immersions without happening of the 26 metres of depth, and no more than 1 hour.


The appeal of the diving in Tulamben are the rests of the shipwreck of the carguero American Lyberty.

In the moment of the entrance of the United States in the Second World War, December of 1941, the carguero USAT Liberty realised the route from Australia to Argentina, with a load of pieces of train and rubber. On 11 January 1942 the carguero was torpedeado by a Japanese submarine to 19km, southwest of the narrow of Lombok. The destroyer Paul Jones drag the carguero until the coast north of Bali to be able to save the load.

The Lybertry remained varado in the coast of Bali, in Tulamben until 1963, where an eruption of the Mountain Agung glide the fuselage until the beach and remain engullido by the sea to some 50 metres of the coast, and between 10 metres and 30 of depth, through his 120 m. Of long.

Here the beach is distinct of Amed, are beaches of guijarsos and hard rocks, black and round that do at all attractive the beach to take the sun. The people that directs here is basically buceadores.

The native have it very very organised, from the hotel, with a Toyota move you with all the team of diving to the place of the coast where is the ship. Some carriers, usually women, carry the teams in the head, included the bottles of oxigeno until the same place of the beach where your initiate the immersion, and there begins the adventure.

Discover a fuselage of the second world-wide war in the depths of the sea has his inducements added to the diving, no alone buceas and see the quantity of choral and marine life that grows around and in the fuselages, but besides you enjoy to be able to go in in rooms of the fuselage, see stairs, rudder, and an environment  of lights and shadows, of blue deep broken by a thread of solar light, and of all class of marine animals of one thousand colours, fishes clown, anemones, barracudas giant, sponges, fishes angel, fishes rock, fish lion,… anyway, a wonderful life that leaves you with the open mouth, the senses stunned and the happy mind.

We realise different immersions without happening of the 26 metres of depth, and no more than 1 hour.

The temperature of the water was frankly low for being the month of July, and the scarce visibility, although sufficient.


Nusa Lembomgan Forms part of a group of three islands south of Bali, Nusa Penida,  and Nusa Ceningan.

The waters that surround to these three islands has any of the best places for bucear of Indonesia, of beaches of white sand, with quantity of seaweeds, that do that the visibility of the water was stupendous, although in this case, the island is surrounded of different currents, in some quite strong cases, as it is in the narrow that separates the island Nusa Lembogan of Nusa Ceningan.  Anyway, a paradise for the diving.

We park our bártulos in Nusa Lembomgan, also paradise of the Surf, island of fishermen, and of immense plantations of seaweeds in the beaches that the native commission to cultivate, collect and clean for his back sale to occident like prime matter for cosmetics.
The points of immersion of Nusa Lembongan are diverse and all exciting, with quantity of life of choral and of animals.

We were installed in the hotel Sttip Wrecks. This place with alone three rooms typically balinesas is stupendous, calm, and with some charming owners and amabilísimos.

In this zone only were doing snorkel, in Mushroon Beach, Dream Beach, Cristal By, although the place was to do diving, but the vicinity of our game in flight to Barcelona forced us to no bucear.